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All logs are seasoned hardwood (no softwood), stored for 12months+ in commercial greenhouses. Average moisture content around 15% or lower.

​Log bags are in two sizes :
Normal size (builders dumpy bag)
95 x 90 x 90 = approx 0.75m3 - Price £55
Large vented bag 115 x 100 x 100 =
approx 1.15m3 - Price £75

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From Woodland to Greenhouse to dry and then ready for delivery.
Cumbria Firewood
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Delivery for 1 bag is free within 8miles of CA2, or free for 2 or more bags within 18miles. (e-mail larger quantities or distance).
Loads are generally tipped and where possible the bags removed or can be stacked for an additional charge.
Kindling nets available - Price £4.00
Net bags of logs also available 60 x 40 (as per photo attached) - £4.80

Phone 01228 576380